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Skulk by Rosie Best (Strange Chemistry Books)

Skulk - Rosie Best

Rating: 7/10


What extent would you go to to change your life? Meg Banks is about to find out when, while vandalizing her school with a political cartoon, she finds a fox. This extraordinary fox bequeaths upon Meg a gift with his last few moments, thrusting her into a world she never knew existed. A world at war in the shady underground of London. Meg must leave her so-called privileged life behind and fight to bring peace to her new world. Rosie Best debuts with the exciting book Skulk, which is supposedly to be a two-part series.


Meg is immediately likable. She’s spunky but not rude, nice but not sickening. She’s at a good balance of character and just whiny enough to be definitely a teenager but not irritating, like so many other young adult protagonists can easily become. Her home life is horrid, with a mother who berates her for many slight infractions on her public standing and her father is hardly around at all.


The story follows her discovery of the Skulk, shapeshifting foxes, and their legacy. I would give away more, but I fear spoiling even a little bit about this story. It really is something you need to read on your own!


The novel is a fairly quick read - myself having read in if a few quick hours. The pacing is quick and deliberate. The writing is done in a train of thought sort of fashion, all from Meg’s perspective. The most irritating thing about this book is that there is one point where it comes to Best leading you down the path to one of the final conclusions.


All in all, this book left me turning the pages as quickly as I could to find out what what going to happen next. Take a leap into the Skulk and pick this up if you’re looking for a nice fall read! It is going to be published on October 1st from Strange Chemistry.


You have buy it here, here, here, or as a DRM-free ebook from the Robot Trading Company.


I received an E-galley from the publisher through NetGalley.