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Review Policy

Currently Reading is accepting all fiction, though this does not promise to accept all books.


I am a book blogger, not a professional reviewer. All reviews will be my personal opinions and possible analysis of plot if requested. 

Digital and hard copies of books are accepted.


Contact me here (tiernbailey@gmail.com) for a review request.


Review requests should include:

  • Publication Date
  • Review Deadline


All reviews will be posted on currentlyreading and Goodreads. I do not tend to post on Amazon or other consumer websites, but will if requested.


I have an out of 10 rating system, based mainly on:

  • Editing
  • Characters
  • Plot
  • Book Cover (very small role)
  • Cohesiveness


1-3/10 - It simply was not for me.

4-6/10 - It was a good book, with a few problems here and there.

7-8/10 - It was a great book with very few problems that I loved!

9-10/10 - This book earned a special place on my bookshelf!